Advice and Scenarios Database

This page lists all web services of Advice and Scenarios Database (ASD). For each API endpoint the description and input parameters are provided, as well as some examples. For less technical access to the data, see the download page.

The following web service APIs are provided:

Name getAdviceViewRecord
Description Returns advice records. Parameters:
  • Year
  • StockCode
  • assessmentkey (SAG)
Example Get all advices from 2022
Name getCatchScenariosTable/{AdviceKey}
Description Returns Catch Scenarios Table.
  • AdviceKey
Example Get the Catch Scenario table for in 2019 (adviceKey:1189)
Name getCatchScenariosNotes/{AdviceKey}
Description Returns Catch Scenario Notes.
  • AdviceKey
Example Get the Catch Scenario Notes for in 2019 (adviceKey:1189)
Name API/Download
Description Returns the download of the specified AdviceKeys.
  • List of AdviceKeys
Example (POST) This API method is POST request, the advice Keys are given in the body.
Name Token
Description Returns a JSON Web Token (JWT) that enables the user to make API requests that require authentication. A JWT token.
Input [Body (Form Data)]
User (ICES user name)
Password (current password for the ICES user, same that you use in the ICES sharepoint)
Output If successfull, then it will return you the JWT token, you can read more about it here.
Name CreateAndEditAdviceRecord/{SAGAssessmentKey}
Description Creates a new Advice view record based in the SAG record and the information the platform can gather from that stock.
Name pushCatchOptionTableToAdvice/{AdviceKey}/{DATSUSessionID}
Description Submits a DATSU Sesion ID of a Catch Scenario Table to an Advice Record. Session should have passed the screening without errors!
For more information on how to create the DATSU Session, please check here.
Information about the Catch Scenarios table format can be accessed here.
Note: Users must be authenticated with a JWT token.
  • DATSUSessionID
  • AdviceKey